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With Moto GP failing to wow the world of Superbike racing this year, Tradewest and Black Bean have a real opportunity to pull into first place with SBK X World Superbike Championship.

In an interview with CVG, Milestone Studios Game Director Michele Celetti talks about how the fourth SBK will grab a wider audience by offering the finely tuned racing experience that hardcore fans are used to as well as no-nonesense, pick up and play thrills for newcomers to the sport.

You've said that SBK X has been your end goal for along time, that you've been working towards this game for the past four years.
We started working on the new SBK license in 2007 so it's the fourth game instalment but it's the biggest leap of the series. We always have many ideas ready for the next edition.

If you have to put out a complete game, finished, tweaked every year, you can't put in everything you're thinking about every year. So you start planning with a broader cycle and SBK X is the most complete result we have achieved up to now.
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